How We Make Our Wood Mouldings
Our fine wood mouldings (sometimes spelled moldings) are manufactured to the highest standards using the finest computerized moulding manufacturing equipment available. We begin by selecting the finest quality hardwoods available. These hardwoods are kiln dried to Bossen Architectural Millwork’s rigid standards to minimize moisture content and maintain the utmost quality and stability of our mouldings.

After the lumber is thoroughly climatized, we begin by rip-sawing the lumber to the proper width. If necessary, we will also pre-plane the lumber to a more suitable thickness thus reducing strain on the equipment and enabling us to better control the smoothness of our mouldings. In the final step, the prepared lumber is passed through one of our 6 head Weinig moulding machines. Every length of moulding is inspected upon leaving the machine. Our cutters for each moulding run are reground before any moulding machine is retooled for the next moulding run. This is the primary reason for the well-known smoothness of our wood mouldings. It is also why finishers everywhere prefer our mouldings.

Our Wood Moulding Products
We have over 100 profiles in Our "Traditional Collection" of wood mouldings, All “Traditional” mouldings are Ready-to-Ship in poplar, red oak, hard white maple, cherry and mahogany. We are also beginning to stock moulding profiles in walnut.

Our "Designer Series" of wood mouldings is special order but can usually be shipped within a week and in any available wood species. We have thousands of wood moulding profiles available that are not included in our catalog and new moulding profiles are continually being added to our online catalog.

We can also match any moulding profile and we can custom design your moulding profile.

Our Radius And Arch
Using the same high quality standards in our CNC department, Bossen Architectural Millwork can match the moulding profile you have chosen and we can create that special radius or arch to your specifications.

Our Wood Species and Grades
For painted mouldings use our poplar mouldings for a high quality result. For the utmost in elegance we stock mouldings in walnut, cherry, hard white maple, mahogany and red oak.

For exterior, use our traditional mahogany or consider a designer run in Spanish cedar.

Our Finishing
Factory pre-finishing of our wood mouldings is available on any order.